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We’re all in very different places on our fitness journeys. Whether you’re just starting out, you hit the gym a few days a week, or you’re an advanced competitor – I’ve got you covered! Check out our free resources to get started.

NASM Certified

Meet Your Personal Trainer

"I'm ready to get you stronger, leaner, and in the best shape of your life."

 Jordan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from Texas Tech University and is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She also has consistently trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 10 years and is an avid competitor.

Four ways to help you grow

My goal is to support you in becoming the best possible version of yourself.

Complementary Consult

Send us a message and we can plan a complementary consultation to discuss your goals and lay out a path to achieve them.


Online Personal Training

I absolutely LOVE helping people get into better shape, no matter where they're at. I'm a Veteran and NASM Certified Personal Trainer based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and and train can train online or in person with custom training and nutrition programs.

Free Resources

I've put together a free library of resources that include some of my most sought-after advice. Whether you have been in the gym your whole life or are just getting started, there is something for you. We have resources for meal planning, strength & conditioning, and more!


Private & Corporate Seminars

I'm a black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor and a former U.S. Air Force Security officer. Click below to see if there's a good fit for me to come on-site and teach your employees the essentials of personal safety and self-defense.

What My colleagues Are Saying

See what other experts in the health and wellness field are saying about how I can help people just like you.

Piet Wilhem

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Professor, 3rd Degree Black Belt under Renato Tavares, Former Marine Corps Drill Instructor

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jordan for over 5 years now. She’s always been an extremely dedicated student and has an insatiable urge to grow as a jiu-jitsu competitor. She’s now one of the instructors at my martial arts academy here in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and one of my black belts. Off the mats, she truly fits the part of her profession as a personal trainer. Outside of being very fit herself, she loves to mentor others to walk and live a better lifestyle. If you train with Jordan, you won’t be able to avoid bettering yourself.”

Dr. Alan Kaneshige, M.D.

Cardiologist at Oklahoma Heart Institute

“I’ve been working with Jordan since April of 2019 and her fitness and nutrition programs have been an absolute game changer for me. Her programs are well thought out and very progressive. They provide great cardiovascular fitness, as well as effective strength training techniques. Her nutrition programs help to fuel the body properly and promote metabolic efficiency. After completing her programs, I was able to gain more strength and stamina. I also noticed an increase in mental sharpness, which has helped me battle fatigue.”

Shelby Williams

Sports Massage Therapist & Yoga Tune-Up™ Coach

“As a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist & yoga teacher that specializes in therapeutic movement, I highly value Jordan’s knowledge and methods of applied exercise. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable of the human body, but she also helps beginners truly understand exactly how to do the exercises she recommends and why they’re doing them. I’ve seen so many of our mutual clients have positive transformations under her training. I highly respect the work she does and can’t recommend her enough.”

Ashley Ethriedge

Registered Dietitian RD, LD, MS

“As a practicing Registered Dietician, I’m impressed with the level of knowledge and practical application Jordan has in nutrition. Changing over to a healthier lifestyle can be very confusing with the amount of info out there, but she lays things out very clearly for whoever she’s working with. As a client of Jordan myself, I’ve seen incredible results in strength and fitness, specifically in my olympic and powerlifting technique. I’ve always appreciated the heart she puts into her programs. She consistently goes above and beyond.”

Free Resources

I’ve put together a free library of resources that include some of my most sought-after advice.

Meal Plans for Men

This template for men will lay out exactly what a well balanced eating plan looks like without the complications.

Meal Plans for Women

This template for women will lay out exactly what a well balanced eating plan looks like without the complications.

Fast Food Cheat Sheet

I put together this comprehensive list of the best choices you can make while eating on-the-go so you don’t have to feel guilty and can still stay on track with your goals.

BJJ Strength & Conditioning

Improve your jiu jitsu training with the proper strength & conditioning split that will maximize results in and out of the gym. Learn the right exercises you need to incorporate into your training program that are best suited for jiu jitsu athletes and hobbyists alike.

Our Mission. Our Vision.

When you’re looking to accomplish just about anything noteworthy in life, it’s crucial to have a mentor.

We all know that you can technically do just about anything on your own…and some people do. But just because you can do everything yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. (I’ve learned this the hard way and have had to seek out my own mentors over the years.)

Having an expert on your side can be the difference between getting subpar results and spending way too much time on something vs. just having them step in and take the weight off your shoulders. Most often, this is going to free you up with valuable time to do other things, as well as maximize the benefits you’ll get during the time you’re working toward your goals (because they live and breathe the area you’re needing help in).

Here are a few examples from my own career as a personal trainer to illustrate:

  • You learn from the person you’re working with’s past mistakes. They know what NOT to do up front, which again, will save you time.
  • Finding the right mentors is great, because if they’re the right fit they’ll see your true potential when you might not. They don’t hear your inner critic the way you do, so they can help you step outside of your own BS and get things done that you probably wouldn’t otherwise.
  • You don’t have to keep guessing what to do or researching how. With a pro, they’ll help you do it right the first time so you can get results and move on with your life to do other things you love to do.
  • Accountability. You have someone to answer to when it comes to getting things done. If you don’t follow through, it’s not just yourself you’ll be letting down anymore, it’s someone who believes in you that’s on your team who you’ll be disappointing.

I’d like for you to take a brief pause and consider this for a moment:

Even the most talented athletes of ALL TIME haven’t achieved success alone; they’ve all had a mentor or coach. If the super talented and physically gifted have needed a coach, then us regular folks DEFINITELY need a coach too. Believe me, I’ve needed coaching in many areas of my life. I’m not perfect! Where I shine though, is helping myself and others achieve peak physical fitness. I’ve been a personal trainer for over 10 years now and have learned SO MUCH along the way.

My strongest skill sets are helping others to:

  • Transform their bodies
  • Increase their confidence
  • Overcome physical limitations
  • Squash limiting beliefs

When we work together, I become part of Team YOU.

As your coach, I’ll put together a customized action plan to help you achieve all of your personal fitness and nutrition goals. We can make adjustments for things like: having a busy schedule, when you travel, or if there’s a change with workout equipment you have available available from time to time. As you progress, I’ll also continue tailoring the program to match your progression.

On a completely separate note — my ultimate goal in all of this, is to help you stop being the victim of scenarios you’ve previously experienced in your life. Blaming other people for what we haven’t accomplished is no longer acceptable. I’m going to help you stop blaming experiences from your childhood, spouse, kids, time constraints, or money shortages from allowing you to achieve your goals. If you haven’t already found it, my mission as your coach is to help you find your “why”. That deeply embedded, intrinsic motivation as to why you’re here on this Earth. We’re going to take your 10 excuses NOT to get up and tackle this today and create 11 reasons to start RIGHT NOW.

Yes, it’s going to be challenging, but also very fun. My style of training is rooted in functional movement and laced with variety to keep things interesting. There will never be a pill that replaces taking action, so I’m here to make sure that you do! You owe it to yourself to live life to your fullest potential, so let’s get started.

Reach Your Full Potential

If you are ready to level up your fitness journey, give me a call! I can show you how to achieve your strength and fitness goals while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.